About Scouting Africa

Scouting Africa is a fresh and vibrant online portal that aims to bring budding talented individuals, the opportunity to be seen, sponsored, and managed.

  Scouting Africa Foundation is a Cooperate project under Scouting Africa. We support female education in Africa. We believe when adolescent girls around the world are educated, amazing things start to happen. We want to minimize any hindrance that may occur in the process of young girls receiving education, through research, we found that period poverty is a hindrance.

We have fast established ourselves as a reputable and reliable company that is able to stand tall and produce world-class and home-based professionals and also make sure every female child in Africa has the right to good education and become a better person.

With new talent competitions coming up, we aim to have a vast source of talents in different sectors and also create a world where the female child has the same right to education as a male child.

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